0911 OCT
45,000.00 45,000.00 45000.0 USD
Methodology: Spectral domain OCT

Axial resolution: ≤ 6 µm (in tissue)

Transverse resolution: ≤ 20 µm (in tissue)

Scan depth: ≥ 2.5 mm (in air)

Scan range: ≥ 6 mm

Scan speed: ≥ 24,000 A-scans/sec, up to 36,000 A-scans/sec

Scan modes: 30, Raster, Circle

Fundus image: OCT en face

Focus adjustment: -150 to +150

Pupil diameter: ≥ 3 mm

OCT light source: 840 nm SLD

Optical power: 750 µW (at cornea)

Operation: 13.3''touch screen, optional external mouse or keyboard

Power supply: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: 497 mm × 395 mm × 490 mm (L× W × H)

Weight: 34 kg (75 lbs)

Fixation target: External fixtion
14,950.00 14,950.00 14950.0 USD

Self-checking design

Real time display self-checking procedure
Detailed checking list presented
Easily obtain the perimeter current status

LED light source

Perfectly adopted LED as light source according to standard
Longer life time, more stable No need regular lamp replace

Pure optical control

Coated progressive lens to control the light intencity and color
Make sure the color temperature up to standard

Learning process

Visually display patient instruction to make the test faster, easier and more reliable.

Voice prompt

System voice prompt to reduce mechanical workload, save time for operator.


Easy communication and more convenient upload and download of customer’s information.

Binocular contrast report (2 in 1)

Right and left eye test result in one report, paper-saved and environmental friendly.

Especially suitable for comprehensive physical examination.

Eye playback

Trace for every dots fixation status avoid misdiagnose.

Retest of doubts

Select several test points to retest, verify the reliability results, save the recheck time.

Monitoring system

3D monitoring, infrared light on trial lens ensure the sensitivity and accuracy of eye position
Blind spot detection, eye tracking, head tracking and other monitoring procedures reduce the detection error caused by cooperative factors, provide objective feedback on the reliability report.
9,980.00 9,980.00 9980.0 USD

1. Rich in content, 7 items of dry eye examination data are fully displayed on one report.
2. Be clear at a glance, Sufficient image and data combination , clear and detailed display of inspection results.
3. Multiple templates, Support single report, any combination of multiple projects.

Main Functions

1. TMH: Optional infrared light/visible Iight measur ement. Support automatic/manua 1 measur ement

2. NIBUT: Provides first and average break-up time, tear film break diagrams, and graphs, automatic analysis

3. Lipid Layer: Use a constant and uniform light source to detect. analysis: Automatic analysis and classificat ion

4. Gland Opening: HD eyel idi mage

5. Ocular Redness analys is HD eye surface image. Automatic analysis and classfication.

6. Meibomian Glands Imaging

7. Acinar-level HD image analysis Gland contrast enhancement. Automatic calculation of the deficiency rate

8. Staining ana lysis Professional fluor escent stain image Automatic analysis.
0903 Retinal Camera
18,200.00 18,200.00 18200.0 USD
15,300.00 15,300.00 15300.0 USD
0916 EZMAP 2G
5,800.00 5,800.00 5800.0 USD
0910 Corneal Specular Microscope
15,000.00 15,000.00 15000.0 USD