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1. Rich in content, 7 items of dry eye examination data are fully displayed on one report.
2. Be clear at a glance, Sufficient image and data combination , clear and detailed display of inspection results.
3. Multiple templates, Support single report, any combination of multiple projects.

Main Functions

1. TMH: Optional infrared light/visible Iight measur ement. Support automatic/manua 1 measur ement

2. NIBUT: Provides first and average break-up time, tear film break diagrams, and graphs, automatic analysis

3. Lipid Layer: Use a constant and uniform light source to detect. analysis: Automatic analysis and classificat ion

4. Gland Opening: HD eyel idi mage

5. Ocular Redness analys is HD eye surface image. Automatic analysis and classfication.

6. Meibomian Glands Imaging

7. Acinar-level HD image analysis Gland contrast enhancement. Automatic calculation of the deficiency rate

8. Staining ana lysis Professional fluor escent stain image Automatic analysis.