0806 Digital Slit Lamp with Dry eye analyzer
13,000.00 13,000.00 13000.0 USD
0805 Digital Slit Lamp
9,500.00 9,500.00 9500.0 USD
0801 Portable Slit Lamp
1,690.00 1,690.00 1690.0 USD
0803 Slit Lamp
2,560.00 2,560.00 2560.0 USD
0913 Tonometers
785.00 785.00 785.0 USD
0902 Smartphone Adaptor
150.00 150.00 150.0 USD
0804 Slit Lamp
3,200.00 3,200.00 3200.0 USD

Parallel Type, Galilean System
Stereoscopic binocular fusion
Can upgrade to teaching slit lamp and digital slit lamp

Magnification Changer: Revolving Drum
LS-4: 6x, 10x, 16x, 25x, 40x, 5-step magnification

Light Source System Upgrade
Warm LED light source, suitable for eye tissue for 20,000 hours
Use PMW to ensure the brightness of light source stable
Continuous illumination control makes it more convenient to operate
0912 Non contact Tonometer with Pachymeter
11,500.00 11,500.00 11500.0 USD
0919 Digital slit lamp portable
3,850.00 3,850.00 3850.0 USD


1. Combined with functions of diagnosis, treatment, simultaneous viewing, syncretic viewing, solid viewing, and afterimage

2. Equipped with a pair of Haidingers Brush, 20 pairs of pictures with different angle

3. Advanced semi-transparent and semi- reflecting viewfinder is convenient for the oculists to observe

4. Advanced LED luminophor with even light, low thermal and long span

5. The pictures adopt new design and are anti-broken, long span

6. Manual or automatical coruscation at doctor’s option and accurate frequency


1. Magnification: 1.65X

2. Diameter of visual field: ≥56MM

3. Red light wavelength: λ=640NM

4. Left and right tubes around erect axis: Concourse 50, radiation 40°

5. Left and right tubes around horizontal axis: ±30°

6. Pictures of left and right can be moved up and down according to axis: ±10△

7. Pictures of left and right can be moved up and down around optical axis: ±20°

8. Adjustable range of pupil distance: 45~75MM

9. Darkroom illumination: LED luminophor with symmetry design

10. Adjustable haidingers brush: 50-100 round/minute

11. Coruscation form: Manual or Automatical

12. Automatical coruscation frequency: Ten-step,30300 times/minute

13. Range of automatic coruscation(each cycle): 1/4 on 3/4 off, 1/2 on 1/2 off, 3/4 on 1/4 off

14. Type of automatic coruscation:

a. The left and right can be turned on or off at the same time

b. The left and right can be turned on or off alternatively

c. One on and the other off

d. One on or off while the other can be turned on or off

15. Whole packing volume: 0.425M3

16. Carton number: 2

17. Total weight: 61KGS
0918 Tonopen
3,800.00 3,800.00 3800.0 USD